Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The lyrics to the opening anthem for Teary Sockets

The Me Who is Me

Homophobic, Surrealistic, Racist, Fascist, Soporific

You can hand me the phone, you can text me the truth.
Call me your names, but then cut me loose.
You can be sure I won't be taking your cure,
And I'll be drinking the poison I choose.

Cannibalized, Eroticized, Smoking, Joking, Super-sized

So hide all your flaws, push your secrets down deep.
Conceal all your scars with the clothes that you keep.
Keep a hat on your head and tin foil on your bed,
So they can't read all your dreams while you sleep.


Here’s your little valentine, cut out and stitched upon my sleeve.
It’s a small world after all, but it offers no reprieve.
Every cow is sacred, and every word a blade,
Careful as you tiptoe through the minefields that I’ve laid.

Murderer, Voyeur, Stupid, Vapid, Soul Destroyer

I have to be who I am, though I might look just like you.
A little less tan, different laces in my shoe.
Non-conformity, it’s said, the different thoughts in my head,
Make it me who is me and not you.

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